Local Area Clear Sky Clocks (weather conditions effecting observing)--

Bob Moose, Bull Domingo Astro <cleardarksky.com/c/BllDngObCO>
Ed Stewart, Sky Mountain Observatory in Rostia Hills <cleardarksky.com/c/SkyMtnObCO>
Verdemont Ranch Observatory <cleardarksky.com/c/VrdmntRcObCO>
Garnder (about 25 miles south of Wescliffe) <cleardarksky.com/c/GrdnrCO>

  Astronomical Events--

Monthly Calendar of Astronomical Events for Colorado
     from: The International Association for Astronomical Studies

Lunar Data for Westcliffe from: <heavens-above.com>

This JAVA applet below displays the current phase of the moon and the time/date of the
next four major lunar phases. The current age of the moon, its distance and
apogee/perigee dates are also displayed. All times displayed are in UT except
for the clock which displays the local time based on your computer's time settings.

NOTE: your browser must have JAVA enabled--see preference settings.
Credit: Gary Nugent  <nightskyobserver@nightskyobserver.com>
For more comprehensive lunar calculations: <nightskyobserver.com/LunarPhaseCD/>

Lunar Calendar for the Current Year from: the US Naval Observatory

  Local Weather Reporting Stations--

Rostia Hills (with webcam looking at Sangres) from: <anythingweather.com> Note: slow to load
Coper Gulch, 12.5 miles north of Westcliffe from: <anythingweather.com>

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