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Boucek, John,

Observatory in Pueblo West, welcomes daytime visitors to view the sun -- contact first.


Bradburn, Jim,

Celestron 14", Paramount, SBIB CCD camera, observatory

  Fremont County


Brown, Bill,




Copenhaver, Janet & Steve,



  Custer, Carole
  Fowler, Bill
  Gunnels, Steve, 
  Hallberg, Jim & Spinuzzi, Rietta
Meade 4" reflector 783-0619
 (above Rosita)
  Handschin, Shane & Kriss
"We are moving from Philadelphia and are excited about the fantastic stargazing that awaits us in an area free from light and smog polution." (Aug. 2007)  

Hudler, John,

25" Dob, observatory

 573-299-4300 (MO)


Huebner, Don,


  Jagow, Charles (Chuck)
Meade LX200GPS 10” mounted on a Mitty wedge in a small roll-off roof observatory. Also an Orion 12” Intelliscope as my primary visual observing tool and as a portable imaging rig, a Meade LXD-75 mount supporting a 6” Schmidt-Newtonian with a piggy-backed Orion 80ED. For daytime observing my wife has a Coronado Solarmax-60 HA scope.757-547-4226
Chesapeake, VA

Janssen, Steve,
Janssen, Brenda,




Jones, Chris & Dee,




Karantz, Bob,

Meade 10" SCT & ETX 125


Lewis, Shanna; Mach, Bret,

Celestron 8"



Linderer, Steve,

Celestron 8"



Moose, Bob,

Meade 12" LX200GPS, 80mm


  Pingle, Theresa, Tom, Austin and Jordan
Galileo FS-720DX 3.2 Refractor  CO Springs
  Poisson, Michael
  Porges, Gerald (Ger'),
  Powers, Virginia,
Astroscan 4"  
  Rando, Joe, 
  Cañon City
  Rook, Joe & Snow, Karolyn
  Stromberg, Rich

Stewart, Ed,

12.5" Dob, Celestron 6" SE
  webmaster for this site

  (Rosita Hills, SE of
   Westcliffe )


Thomason, Bob,

Celestron 8"

  Thomson, Dorothy and Angus
 Observatory with an 11" Celestron GPS
 Nexstar Telescope

Larry Trilling

Orion 8" reflector, SkyView Pro mount

(Antelope Valley,
   SE of Westcliffe)


Waide, Phil & Vicki,

10" Dob


 Warner, Elizabeth,
Cabin in the Spread Eagle/Pines subdivision, but live in Virginia.  
  Watson, Bill

White, Bud,

  Zylich, Larraine & Dean
None  719-371-5455 cell



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