Presentation: New Discoveries on Saturn, April 21, 2007
Star party cancelled due to overcast skies

Saturn Presentation
Almost two dozen hardly souls attended the New Discoveries on Saturn presentation on April 21st, which was the Dark Skies group and Sangre Stargazers celebration of National Astronomy Day. The slide images of the rings of Saturn with various moons suspended around them brought a number of wow comments and expressions of wanting more such programs in the future. Many in the audience are also members of the Sangre Stargazers, a local amateur astronomy club, and they came prepared to set-up their telescopes for viewing Saturn but an overcast sky with a blustery cold wind prevented that part of the celebration. In the photo above, Sangre Stargazer member Ed Stewart provided the commentary for the beautiful NASA images recently received from the Cassini spacecraft currently in orbit around Saturn.

Star Party -- Wednesday, June 28, 2006
at Bob Moose's observatory.

Bob Moose Star Party-1
Some of the 14 attendees in front of Bob's observatory. The walk
up the hill from his home left most of us gasping for breath!

Bob Moose Star Party-2
Bob's observatory houses a 12" Meade LX200GPS telescope that
provided some wonderful views of the globular cluster M13, the planetary
nebula M57, the double star system Alberio, and the Whirlpool Galaxy M51.
Afterwards, we retired to Bob's home for some great pie and ice cream!
Photo credit: Janet Copenhaver

Star Party -- Saturday, April 22, 7 p.m.
at Jim Bradburn's observatory.

Star Party April 22, 2006 Group Photo
A total of 17 members and family attended the first ever star party! Some of the attendees of the star party from left to right: Ed Stewart, Bill Wahl, Bob Threlkeld, Robert Moose, Diane Threlkeld, Connie Wahl, Brenda Janssen, Steve Janssen, Jim Bradburn, Virginia Powers, Larraine and Dean Zylich.

Meeting at the Bradburn's observatory in south Fremont County on April 22, 2006, the newly formed astronomy club held a very successful star party inspite of the threatening clouds that were present most of the day. Starting in the early evening with a social period to get to know one another, we proceed out to the observatory for a tour of the very sophisticated set-up that Jim Bradburn has assembled to do digital astrono-imaging. His telescope allows for remote operation from the comfort of an adjoining "warm room" with a computer. Several hours were spent with the 17 participants looking at Saturn, star clusters and galaxies. For many it was their first time to see such objects with a large telescope as evidenced by the many "wow" comments of delight. We then adjourned back to the house for more socializing and partaking of refreshments. The evening ended with a tour of the Bradburn's greenhouse.

Jim Bradburn at the eyepiece
Observatory owner and star party host, Jim Bradburn, at the eyepiece of the C-14 Celestron telescope.

The Paramount ME mounting.
The Paramount ME telescope mounting can be remotely
controlled from a computer in the adjoining "warm room."

Greenhouse at the Bradburn's
One of Jim's other interests can be seen in this view of his greenhouse.

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