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  Jagow, Chuck Personal website: <http://www.jagowds.com/_jap/jap.htm> Chesapeake, VA

Stewart, Ed,

Personal website, SkyMtn.com, that includes my history in the hobby of astronomy and telescope making.

AstroDesigns website: a number of my telescope making designs to enhance Dobsonian telescopes and other kinds of telescopes function better or more conveniently.

Meade Adv. Products Users Group: The resource website for the Meade LX200 (GPS & Classic), LX90, LX50, LXD55, RCX400, Starfinder, & ETX telescopes; and DSI & LPI cameras; and imaging software.

The Mapug Topical Archive: vast collection of information collected since 1997 from the Mapug group described above. Includes information besides Meade related issues such as observatories, permanent piers, equatorial wedges, eyepieces, CCD imaging, observing lists, and solar observing.

Rural Westcliffe near Rosita


Warner, Elizabeth

ADASTRAgrl's Guide to Amateur Astronomy & Astrophotography website: <http://www.astro.umd.edu/~warnerem>

Alexandria, Virginia






To submit your website, contact Ed Stewart, <stargazera__tskymtn.com>, with URL address, a description of the content and the city where you conduct your astronomy.

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